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Bright Galva
Bright Galva product imageA071

Bright finish galvanising compound

Delta product imageC100

Fast breaking heavy duty degreaser

ECAD product imageC076

Environmental cleaner and degreaser for offshore and onshore applications

Lotoxane product imageA415 / C043

The trusted, safe solution for professional degreasing

Lotoxane® Fast Wipes
Lotoxane fastC044

Convenient and versatile degreasing wipes impregnated with Lotoxane® Fast

Lotoxane® HD
Lotoxane HD product imageC048

Highly refined low odour solvent degreaser with boosted degreasing power.

Lotoxane® Triple F
Lotoxane Triple F product imageC054

Very fast evaporating refined low odour solvent degreaser

Lotoxane® XF
Lotoxane XF product imageA416 / C053

A rapid drying Lotoxane® variant which evaporates six times faster than standard Lotoxane®

Shield NF
Shield NF product imageC283

Non Flammable corrosion preventative, de-waterer and light lubricant

Sodaklenz product imageC961

Super concentrated high alkaline low foam cleaner and degreaser

Wire Rope & Gear Lubricant
Wire rope & gear lubricant product imageA067

Lubricant, corrosion inhibitor & protector

Wypit hand wipes product imageC504

Waterless hand cleansing wipes