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Adhesive Spray
Adhesive Spray product imageA036

Multi purpose contact adhesive

Aircraft Cleaner 281

Aircraft approved exterior cleaner and degreaser


High strength descaler, concrete and rust remover

Anti-static Optical Cleaner

Ready to use multi purpose anti static cleaner

Antifreeze product imageC366

High quality radiator antifreeze

Aquaklenz CP
Aquaklenz CP product imageC013

Aqueous, low foaming degreaser with added corrosion inhibitors for spraywash applications

Aquaklenz LF
Aquaklenz LF product imageC014

Aqueous, low foaming degreaser for spraywash applications

Bactericidal Hydroclean
Bactericidal Hydroclean product imageC197

Biocidal hard surface cleaner

Breakfree TF
Breakfree TF product imageA445

Drilling & machining lubricant

Bright Galva
Bright Galva product imageA071

Bright finish galvanising compound

Britox Plus
Britox Plus product imageC027

High strength descaler, concrete and rust remover

Chain Lube
Chain Lube product imageA411

Clean clear lubricant