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Lotoxane fast

Lotoxane® Fast Wipes

Convenient and versatile degreasing wipes impregnated with Lotoxane® Fast

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LOTOXANE® FAST is a high-quality solvent degreaser that offers professional users a versatile alternative to more hazardous products. Available in a convenient low lint impregnated wipe, Lotoxane® Fast is widely approved by major OEMs for production and maintenance cleaning.

  • Reduced solvent vapour in use
  • Reduced hazard to user
  • Helps in reducing VOCs’
  • Wipes format reduces risk of spillage

Pack Sizes

  • 85 wipes

Accreditations & Registrations

  • NATO NSN7930995985789
  • BAE R10 6026 (cleaning – cold solvent – general purpose)
  • Pratt and Whitney SPOP 208 Solvent Wiping – SPMC 216-2 for solvent wipes
  • Rail Cat No. 007/025238 (wipes)
  • Delta Air Lines Inc: Approved product under GE SPM 70-21-23
    manual. Specified cleaning method in the rotor cleaning section
    of the -8C and -8E manual 72-00-33 cleaning.
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Pack Sizes
85 Wipes
85 Wipes

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