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Providing high quality solutions to all types of engineering operations is at the heart of what we do. Metal fabrication, mining, automotive and defense are among the many industries that rely on Arrow products. Whether maintaining machinery, washing components as part of the production process or merely keeping the workplace clean and safe Arrow has the right product for the job.

We work closely with customers to identify best practice and the maximum opportunity for cost savings, from introducing simple improvements in the process to the installation of dedicated equipment, always combined with a relentless focus on achieving the very best environmental and safety standards.

Automotive & Engineering Products


High strength descaler, concrete and rust remover

Antifreeze product imageC366

High quality radiator antifreeze

Aquaklenz CP
Aquaklenz CP product imageC013

Aqueous, low foaming degreaser with added corrosion inhibitors for spraywash applications

Aquaklenz LF
Aquaklenz LF product imageC014

Aqueous, low foaming degreaser for spraywash applications

Bactericidal Hydroclean
Bactericidal Hydroclean product imageC197

Biocidal hard surface cleaner

Breakfree TF
Breakfree TF product imageA445

Drilling & machining lubricant

Bright Galva
Bright Galva product imageA071

Bright finish galvanising compound

Britox Plus
Britox Plus product imageC027

High strength descaler, concrete and rust remover

Chain Lube
Chain Lube product imageA411

Clean clear lubricant

Chloroclean with Foam
Chloroclean with foam product imageC957

High foaming specialist chlorinated high alkaline cleaner

Citrol product imageC834

Microemulsion cleaner and degreaser

Delta product imageC100

Fast breaking heavy duty degreaser