The trusted, safe solution for professional degreasing

A415 / C043

Lotoxane 20L
5 Litre Bottle
5 Litre
500ml Aerosol
500ml Aerosol
5 Litre Bottle
500ml Aerosol
  • Removes residues of oils, greases and machine coolant from machined parts, castings, panels and electrical/electronic components
  • Refined formulation will not damage sensitive equipment or components
  • Contains no aromatic hydrocarbons and is not classified as flammable, flash point 62°C
  • Designed to provide a versatile degreasing solution for all manufacturing, maintenance, inspection and surface preparation needs
  • Widely approved for sensitive aerospace applications
  • Virtually odourless

Pack Sizes

  • 500ml aerosol
  • 5lt
  • 20lt
  • 210lt


  • Airbus CML ABR 9-0140
  • BAE R10 6026 (wipes - cleaning - cold solvent - general purpose)
  • BAE R10-6027 (cleaning - cold solvent - critical applications)
  • Boeing D6-17487 Revision L
  • MIL PRF 680c Type II
  • Rail Cat Approval 007/025033 5ltr
  • Rail Cat Approval 007/025034 20ltr
  • Rail Cat Approval 007/025035 210ltr
  • Rail Cat Approval 007/025037 500ml trigger
  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type A B D
  • Rolls Royce OMAT 1/257G
  • South African Airways