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Lotoxane® Triple F

Very fast evaporating refined low odour solvent degreaser

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Lotoxane® Triple F is a highly refined solvent blend offering a combination of fast evaporation, low odour, excellent degreasing power and minimal residue on drying. Due to its high purity, Lotoxane Triple F provides a safer alternative to the most hazardous solvents used throughout Industry. Lotoxane Triple F, therefore, provides a fast evaporating solution for use on sensitive metals, plastics and in critical applications as well as for general oil and grease removal. Lotoxane Triple F evaporates fifteen times faster than Lotoxane.

Typical Applications

  • Removal of oils, greases, machining fluids, hydraulic fluids, and hydrocarbon-based protective coatings in manufacturing processes
  • Pre cleaning prior to NDT testing or inspection
  • Final cleaning prior to welding, painting, bonding or coating
  • Degreasing of machinery, components and assemblies during maintenance and repair
  • Cleaning electrical and electronic equipment
  • Excellent oil spot remover for fabrics and upholstery


  • Highly refined for minimal residue on drying
  • Low odour and contains no aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Excellent compatibility with metals and most plastics
  • Flash point 7°C, Lotoxane Triple F is the fastest drying of the Lotoxane Range
  • Rapid evaporation speeds up application and preparation times
  • Superb degreasing performance
  • Provides a versatile degreasing solution to meet all manufacturing, maintenance, inspection and surface preparation needs
  • Can reduce solvent consumption, reducing cost in use and aiding compliance with VOC limits

Accreditations & Registrations

  • Institute of Naval Medicine – Listed in BR1326
  • Rail Cat No: 007/000275 (5lt)
  • Rail Cat No: 007/025223 (20lt)
Lotoxane Triple F product image
Lotoxane triple F
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