Zinc Galva


Matt finish zinc galvanising compound


400ml aerosol

ZINC GALVA aerosol is a zinc-rich primer/paint designed to protect surfaces from corrosion. Zinc Galva works by providing a sacrificial zinc rich film which by electrolytic action prevents corrosion of underlying steelwork.
Suitable for use as a primer coating Zinc Galva may be over painted where required. Galva is particularly effective in the protection of galvanised
surfaces and steelwork following cutting and welding.

  • Provides long term sacrificial corrosion protection to metal surfaces
  • Leaves a smooth tough grey coating on metals
  • Repairs damage to galvanised surfaces following welding and cutting
  • Abrasion, crack and chip resistant, ideal for use as a primer prior to repainting
  • 88.9% zinc content as dry film for longer protection

Pack Sizes

  • 400ml aerosol
  • 600ml aerosol

Pack Sizes