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Super concentrated high alkaline low foam cleaner and degreaser

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SODAKLENZ has been developed to meet the need for a heavy-duty product for the removal of grease, oil, dirt, and carbon deposits from components and equipment. Sodaklenz is a low foam product and is ideally suited for use in rotary spray wash and ultrasonic systems. Sodaklenz is also used in food manufacturing and processing for removing baked-on and carbonised food residues and for use in C.I.P. and spray wash systems.

  • Rapidly removes oils, grease and carbonised food residues.
  • Low foaming formula, ideal for C.I.P. and spraywash systems.
  • Powerful super concentrated cleaner.
  • Use in food processing, catering and food equipment cleaning.
  • Suitable also for use in engineering environments for component and parts washing.
  • Highly economical in use.
  • Heavy duty cleaner, performance boosted with surfactants and sodium hydroxide.
  • Non perfumed.

Pack Sizes

  • 20lt
  • 210lt

Accreditations & Registrations

  1. Rail Cat No: 007/007904 (20lt)
  2. Rail Cat No: 007/007905 (210lt)
Sodaklenz product image
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