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Rail maintenance chemicals

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Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul cleaning & maintenance chemicals


Planned maintenance from daily checks through to programmed component replacement is an essential aspect of the rail industry.

Safety is the first priority. The correct choice of which maintenance chemicals to use can both dramatically decrease the level of hazard to workers directly and the risk of accidents. Minimal environmental impact and ensuring the work is completed on time are other key considerations. Fully environmentally compliant products that work first time every time allow engineers to concentrate on the job and meet deadlines.

Contact Arrow to discuss how our global maintenance experience can reduce risk and improve reliability.

Maintenance Products

Adhesive Spray
Adhesive Spray product imageA036

Multi purpose contact adhesive


High strength descaler, concrete and rust remover

Antifreeze product imageC366

High quality radiator antifreeze

Aquaklenz CP
Aquaklenz CP product imageC013

Aqueous, low foaming degreaser with added corrosion inhibitors for spraywash applications

Aquaklenz LF
Aquaklenz LF product imageC014

Aqueous, low foaming degreaser for spraywash applications

Arrowipe 70 IPA
400 WipesC920

All purpose, alcohol based, hard surface cleaning and degreasing wipes

Arrowipe Aqua Wipes
300 WipesC836

Aqueous, non-flammable, low VOC, low odour and low lint wipes for general cleaning and degreasing and for the removal of wet and semi cured sealants

Bright Galva
Bright Galva product imageA071

Bright finish galvanising compound

Britox Plus
Britox Plus product imageC027

High strength descaler, concrete and rust remover

Chain Lube
Chain Lube product imageA411

Clean clear lubricant

Delta product imageC100

Fast breaking heavy duty degreaser

Fastklean product imageA134 / C239

Fast drying electrical component and machinery cleaner and degreaser