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75ml Aerosol

Handisan Aerosol

70% alcohol based, liquid virucidal and bactericidal hand sanitiser aerosol spray

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HANDISAN AEROSOL is a hygienic, rapid and convenient way of sanitising prior to handling food or performing duties where a high degree of
cleanliness is necessary.

  • Handisan Aerosol is a denatured alcohol-based hand sanitiser spray.
  • Effective quick drying sanitising hand spray.
  • Handisan evaporates quickly on the hands and requires no additional drying.
  • Non perfumed.
  • Portable aerosol, ideal for field operatives and use where wash facilities are not available.
  • Can also be used as a sanitiser on hard surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass or wood.
  • 70% ethanol by volume in the liquid concentrate.


  • Aerosol Concentrate passes BS EN 14476 with 2 minute contact time.

Pack size

  • 75ml aerosol

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