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High quality radiator antifreeze

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ANTIFREEZE is an ethylene glycol based engine coolant concentrate formulated for optimum performance in heavy duty diesel engine applications but equally suitable for light duty use. It employs established inhibitor technology and is phosphate and amine free. BTC Classification Type 3EN The inhibitors in Antifreeze include organic acids in combination with borate, silicate and nitrite which are well known for their ability to provide excellent protection in heavy duty applications particularly where there is potential for cavitation erosion corrosion to occur. Antifreeze uses sophisticated silicate stabilisation technology to eliminate the potential for formation of silicate gel. Good compatibility with hard water and prevents the formation of scale. Meets requirements of ASTM D3306, ASTM D1384, ASTM D 4340, ASTM D2570, ASTM D2809.

  • Ethylene glycol based.
  • Established inhibitor technology and is phosphate and amine free. BTC Classification Type 3EN.
  • Uses borate, silicate and nitrite inhibitor technology.

Pack sizes

  • 20 Litre
  • 1000 Litre (IBC)
Antifreeze product image
1000L IBC
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1000lt IBC
1000lt IBC

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