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400 Wipes

Arrowipe 70 IPA

All purpose, alcohol based, hard surface cleaning and degreasing wipes

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Arrowipe 70 IPA Wipes are excellent at removing dirt, dust, greases, and light organic contaminants from a wide variety of hard surfaces including machinery, utensils and electronic equipment.

  • Controlled delivery.
  • No premixing/waste.
  • Avoids cross contamination.
  • Non-tainting.
  • Low odour, low linting.
  • Non-smearing, residue free wipes.

NSF Approved

Accreditations & Registrations

  • ASTM F 945-12
  • NSF (A1) 169259
  • OMAT 1/257AT
  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type A
  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type B
  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type C
  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type D
  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type E
  • Rolls Royce MLC104
  • Rail Cat no. 007/160001

Pack size

  • 400 wipes
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400 Wipes
400 Wipes

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