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GL Remover

Citrus solvent based aerosol for glue and label removal

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GL REMOVER has been specially formulated for a convenient, safe and efficient removal of label and sticker residues from a wide variety of surfaces. It also allows for quick and easy removal of the residue that can be left over from adhesive tapes.

  • Natural citrus solvent based cleaner & degreaser.
  • Removes glue and label residues from metal and most plastic surfaces.
  • Ideally suited for all manufacturing, maintenance and workshop needs.
  • Versatile – one product for a multitude of applications. Will remove daily build-up of grease, inks and dirt residues
  • CO2 propelled aerosol.
  • NSF K3 approval for use within the food and allied industries.

Pack Sizes

  • 300ml aerosol

Accreditations & Registrations

  1. NSF K3 – Registration 148371
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Pack Sizes
300ml aerosol
300ml aerosol

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