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Advanced residue free degreaser suitable for critical applications

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Rapide provides a quick and efficient degreasing solution on a wide range of surfaces including metal and composite components where a residue-free surface is critical. Rapide is approved for use on a wide range of surfaces, including epoxy painted surfaces. It has widespread applications during manufacturing and maintenance processes within Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Energy, Marine and other precision engineering sectors.

  • Very low odour improves the working atmosphere and means no drowsiness or dizziness is experienced by users
  • Excellent cost in use savings, with significantly less wastage of product through controlled evaporation before and during application
  • Residue free finish leaves piece ready for next process with no requirement for a secondary clean
  • Removes Engineering Blue without smearing
  • Large wipes reduce consumption, wastage and time
  • An effective degreaser for removing oil, cutting fluid, grease and other general soiling
  • Safe for use on polyurethane and epoxy painted surfaces.

Pack Sizes

  • Wipes (1 x 60)
  • Wipes (1 x 85)
  • 5 Litre
  • 20 Litre.

Accreditations & Registrations

  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type A (Metal Alloys)
  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type B (All Non-Metallic Materials)
  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type D (Suitable as a pre-penetrant preparation)
  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type E (Wipes for Composites/Paint)
  • Rolls Royce CSS200
  • Rolls Royce CSS226
  • Rolls Royce MLC104
  • Rolls Royce O/MAT
  • ARP1755B
  • ASTM F 945-12
  • Rail Cat No. 007/007876 (Wipes 1 x 60)
  • Rail Cat No. 007/007877 (Refill 1 x 60)
  • Rail Cat No. 007/007878 (5lt)
  • Rail Cat No. 007/007879 (20lt)
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Rapide 5L
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Pack Sizes
60 Wipes
60 Wipes
85 Wipes
85 Wipes

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