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Powersolve Wipes

Effective removal of semi-cured adhesives & sealants, lacquers, resins and inks

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POWERSOLVE WIPES have been developed as a general purpose degreasing wipes, impregnated with a blend of solvents designed to provide a quick and effective removal of resins, adhesive and inks combined with rapid drying and minimal residue.

  • Convenient portable impregnated degreasing wipes
  • Self-sealing tub for safe storage and extend lifetime
  • Wipe resists tearing, linting and removes ingrained resins, adhesive and inks effectively
  • Minimum residue
  • Can reduce solvent consumption, reducing cost in use and aiding compliance with VOC limits
  • Rolls-Royce plc approved wipe cleaner


Pack Sizes

  • 85 wipes


  • Rolls Royce OMAT and MLC104 approved – CSS255 Type A (Solvent) and CSS226 (wipe material)

*Powersolve Wipes were previously titled Workshop Wipes*

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Pack Sizes
85 Wipes
85 Wipes

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