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Rail Summer essentials – Top 5 cleaning & maintenance products

Rail Summer essentials

Trusted by leading rail operators and service providers for over 50 years.

Arrow’s chemical solutions provide the ultimate in rail infrastructure and rolling stock cleaning and maintenance products, working closely with customers to identify the best practices and the right solutions to ensure maximum performance for each application.

Our experience and expertise is reinforced by our RISQS accreditation and Rail CAT approved products, creating the right partnership between highly effective results and cost saving efficiencies.

Introducing our top 5 Summer essentials

From visibility to maneuverability, Arrow have formulated the very best solutions to make light work of the most industrial tasks. Our partnership with the rail industry continues to help us lead the way in innovation and quality, below are our top 5 best sellers for Summer cleaning and maintenance.


Oxalwash product image

Oxalwash C975

Rapidly cleans and restores train carriages and other rolling stock by removing dirt, oil and rust in one application. Oxalwash dissolves brake/iron dust particles and removes iron stains from paintwork, vinyl and glass with no scale residues. Contains no mineral acids, will not damage concrete sleepers, floors, or mortar.
Rail CAT, PPG & 4Rail approvals. Available in 20lt, 210lt and 1000lt.

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For heavy-duty cleaning, try Thickened Oxalwash

Specifically formulated to clean train carriages and other rolling stock in order to remove dirt, oil and ferrous staining. This thickened version of Oxalwash enhances cling and allows increased contact times on areas of heavy soiling. Rail CAT approvals on 20lt and 1000lt pack sizes.

Metaklenz product image

Metaklenz C960

Powerful non caustic, alkaline cleaner with low foaming formula designed for cleaning the most stubborn grease, oil, carbon and other hard coatings in engineering production and maintenance. Safe for use on galvanised surfaces and soft metals, approved and used exclusively by UK Rail Operators for cleaning train bogies and undercarriages.
Rail CAT approval. Available in 20lt and 1000lt.

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Ecowash Autoshine product image

Ecowash Autoshine C568

Highly concentrated formula using a Ph neutral blend of detergents, water softeners and shine additives for degreasing and enhancing new and worn rolling stock leaving a streak-free finish. Builds a water and soil resistant finish with a non-aggressive formula on sensitive galvanised, aluminium surfaces or painted surfaces in accordance with BS3900 G5.
Rail CAT, BS3900 G5 approvals. Available in 20lt, 210lt and 1000lt.

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Lotoxane product image

Lotoxane C043

The safest and one of the most approved degreasers on the market. Removes residues of oils, greases and machine coolant from machined parts, castings, panels and electrical/electronic components. Contains no aromatic hydrocarbons and is not classified as flammable, flash point 62°C
Rail CAT, Rolls Royce, Airbus, Boeing, South African Airways & BAE approvals. Available in 85 wipes, 300ml aerosol, 500ml trigger, 5lt, 20lt and 210lt.

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Train Screenwash product image

Summer Train Windscreen Wash C170

Tailored to the warmer months of the year, our non-smearing formula makes quick work of cleaning dirt, grime, and insect residues. Rail CAT approved and safe on wipers, seals and paintwork with no dilution required.
Rail CAT approvals. Available in 20lt, 210lt and 1000lt.

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