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Train exterior cleaning chemicals

Train exterior cleaning

Industrial cleaning & maintenance chemicals

Industrial cleaning & maintenance chemicals

Clean, gleaming carriages make a markedly different impression on the rail user than those with a dirty, faded finish. The operating company’s livery is on display too, or perhaps not in the case of very dirty trains. Achieving best practice in train washing carries many challenges.

For example how to deal with a wide variation of soiling and staining from brake dust residues, through to heavy greases and oils to simple water marks or how to identify the best washing technique and equipment for the job. And of course how to ensure that all washing activity delivers maximum value. Speak to Arrow to find out how our partnership approach can solve these challenges for your operation.

Exterior Cleaning Products

Ecowash Autoshine
Ecowash Autoshine product imageC568

Daily exterior train wash

Metaklenz product imageC960

Non caustic low foam alkaline cleaner and degreaser

Oxalwash product imageC975

Train exterior wash optimised for removal of iron staining

RTU Summer Train Screenwash

Ready to use summer train windscreen wash

Thickened Oxalwash
Thickened Oxalwash product imageC976

A ready to use thickened version of Oxalwash to provide increased contact time on heavy deposits

Trailerwash product imageC361

Powerful soil remover and degreaser

Trailerwash Autoshine
Trailerwash Autoshine product imageC352

Powerful heavy-duty traffic film remover and degreaser with built in shine additive