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New non-flammable Aqua Wipe now available

Arrowipes Aqua

Aqua Wipes quickly breaks down tough industrial soils, greases, and contaminants to leave surfaces sparkling clean. Contains no VOCs and is readily biodegradable, making it an environmentally responsible cleaner, ideal for critical manufacturing and maintenance environments.

As part of our commitment to formulate safer and more environmentally responsible products, Arrow are proud to unveil Arrowipe Aqua Wipes, a fast acting, water-based cleaning, and degreasing solution.

300 Wipes

Aqua Wipes

C836 (300 wipes)
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Aqueous, non-flammable, low VOC, low odour, and low lint wipes for general cleaning and degreasing and for the removal of wet and semi cured sealants.


Key benefits

  • Low VOC.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Measured dosing and reduced risk of cross contamination.
  • Wipes format reduces risk of spillage and reduces hazard to user.
  • Low odour, low linting.
  • Removes wet and semi cured sealants.
Approvals & registrations

  • ASTM F 945-12
  • Rail Cat No. 007/079108
  • Rolls Royce CSS204 Type A
  • Rolls Royce CSS204 Type C
  • Rolls Royce CSS204 Type D
  • Rolls Royce MLC104
  • Rolls Royce OMAT (Sept 23 Edition)
  • Rolls Royce TSD594

Part of the Arrow wipes range

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Benefits of using Arrow wipes

Precision and Control

Wipes offer precise control over where the cleaning chemical is applied. This is particularly useful when you need to target specific areas or objects without over spraying or chemical waste.

Reduced Waste

Wipes are used in a more targeted manner, so naturally minimise waste. With spraying, excess liquid can often end up on surfaces where it’s not needed, leading to further waste.


Wipes are easily portable and don’t require additional equipment like spray bottles or applicators. This makes them convenient for on-the-go cleaning, especially in remote or outdoor settings.

Controlled Saturation

Wipes can be pre-saturated with a specific amount of cleaning solution, ensuring consistent and controlled saturation levels. This helps maintain the desired concentration of the chemical for effective cleaning and degreasing.

Less Downtime

Wipes are ready to use and don’t require mixing or setup time, making them a quicker and more efficient choice for immediate cleaning needs.

Less Environmental Impact

Wipes typically use less packaging compared to spray bottles and canisters, which can reduce the environmental footprint associated with their disposal.

Manufactured in the UK. No shipping or customs charges.


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