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Rail Winter weather alert – don’t be left in the cold

Rail companies urged to order their winter products now after severe weather warnings

At Arrow Solutions, we are dedicated to providing the best possible products for cleaning and maintaining rail infrastructure and rolling stock. Our experienced team works closely with each customer to tailor solutions that ensure maximum performance for their specific needs.

This personalised approach, combined with our RISQS accreditation and Rail CAT approved product line, allows us to deliver both highly effective results and cost-saving efficiencies. Our ultimate goal is to be the ideal partner for all rail maintenance needs, from customised formulations to industry-leading best practices.

With Arrow, customers can rely on a partnership built on experience, expertise, and a shared commitment to getting the job done right.

Rail Winter warning

Our top 3 winter essentials

With winter fast approaching, it is vital that rail companies don’t leave their safety measures until the last minute. Therefore, they can plan ahead and prevent damage to rail lines as well as potential accidents. Temperatures are already dropping at a rapid rate, and it won’t be long before we begin to see frost descend on outdoor surfaces.

Arrow has developed the most effective formulas to tackle even the toughest industrial cleaning jobs. Leveraging decades of rail industry experience and partnerships, we continue to innovate high-quality solutions that excel in both visibility and manoeuvrability. You can read more about some of our essential winter products below.

Universal De-icer

Universal De-Icer

Arrow’s Universal De-Icer is an advanced ice melting formulation designed specifically for rail and transportation applications. This fast-acting de-icer quickly melts ice, frost, and snow on contact, making it ideal for platforms, walkways, switches, and other critical infrastructure. What sets Universal De-Icer apart is its corrosion inhibition technology, which prevents costly damage to metal surfaces.

Key benefits

  • Non-flammable and non-corrosive
  • Not classified as hazardous under the CLP regulations
  • Rapidly loosens frozen track ballast
  • Will not damage signal or power cable insulation.


  • BR Specification 97/633/01
  • Network Rail Acceptance No. PA05/000501
  • Rail Cat No. 007/025232 (20lt)
  • Rail Cat No. 007/025233 (1000lt)

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Thaw Granules

Thaw granules

For fast, effective ice removal on rail platforms and walkways, Arrow’s Thaw Granules are the ideal solution. These crystalline de-icing granules work on contact to penetrate ice and snowpack, clearing away slippery conditions quickly and safely. Formulated with calcium chloride for maximum melting power, Thaw Granules are also blended with innovative corrosion inhibitors to prevent metal damage.

Key benefits

  • Non stain formula
  • Treated to prevent wind blow and extend product coverage time
  • Crushes easily under foot to reduce the risk of slipping
  • Granular form allows for easy application
  • Non corrosive to concrete and steel


  • Rail Cat No. 007/025230 (9kg)
  • Rail Cat No. 007/025231 (1000kg)

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Winter Grade Screenwash

Train Winter Grade Screenwash

Keeping train windshields clear is critical for safety, and Arrow’s Train Winter Grade Screenwash is purpose-built to maximise visibility in harsh weather. This advanced screenwash contains a concentrated formula that quickly dissolves ice, snow, and frost on contact, even in sub-zero temperatures. By preventing buildup and glare all winter long, Train Winter Grade Screenwash is an essential cold weather tool for any rail operator. Its superior performance helps ensure crews have the visibility they need to navigate safely in the harshest conditions.

Key benefits

  • Remains effective down to -20C
  • Prevents screenwash reservoir and nozzles from freezing
  • Non-smearing
  • Dilutable for better economy depending on weather conditions
  • Safe in contact with wipers and seals, will not cause them to degrade
  • Does not affect paintwork
  • Rail Cat approved


  • Rail Cat No: 007/021039 (20lt)
  • Rail Cat No: 007/030045 (1000lt)

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Our rail cleaning & maintenance range will keep you moving this Winter.

The experts at Arrow will make sure you are provided with the ideal cleaning and maintenance solutions for the best finish. To get in touch, call us on 01283 221044 or use our contact form. For more news from Arrow, follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date with the latest news and announcements.