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Enhancing rail safety: 5 proven steps for keeping trains in prime condition all year round

5 proven steps for keeping trains in prime condition

Mystery shopping is a common practice in the rail sector, where trains are assessed in secret for their cleanliness and general operation. Standards are high and with 1.4 billion passenger journeys made in the UK in 2022, a mystery shopper could be any one of over a billion journeys! it’s not uncommon for train operating companies to get lower mystery shopper scores than expected, due to not meeting standards. To help tackle this problem, Arrow have put together the 5 best ways to keep trains in their best condition, all year round.


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Know your products, routes, and passengers Create a cleaning schedule and train staff on product use
Not all trains face the same challenges. Take time to understand your route’s unique cleaning needs. Ask yourself – what terrain and industries does it pass? Mines? Farms? Factories? Is it a busy urban route or a rural line? What kind of dirt is likely to be encountered? Train presentation managers should have the answers.

Researching your route enable you to identify the specific cleaning battles you may encounter and lets you prepare. From consulting with suppliers to stocking up on precise products needed to tackle each cleaning job. Proper prep with the right tools saves substantial time, effort, and money. By finding specific cleaning products that match the exact needs, a comprehensive cleaning solution can be utilised.

Two of the most integral things to be proactive about when managing trains are the cleaning schedule and staff training. Arrow have seen many cases over the years of companies that had the perfect products, but because of insufficient product training for the cleaning staff, the results were not as expected.

That is why it is essential to produce a proper cleaning rota that is adhered to, and staff are trained comprehensively on how to use each product. By ingraining a culture of clean in your staff, your trains can reach the next level of cleanliness.

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Plan for the harsh winter Remember first impressions count
The UK’s unpredictable winter often causes problems for train operators. The cold season is a time of additional cleaning challenges and therefore extra preparation is required. To make sure they never get caught off guard, train presentation managers need to stock up in time for winter, which usually brings with it heavier levels of soiling.

Keeping trains, platforms and tracks clear of ice is a seasonal challenge that can only be overcome by using dedicated winter products. Although white Christmases are few and far between these days. it’s better to be safe than sorry and stock up on Arrow’s winter products that work down to -20°C, particularly if operating in the colder regions of the UK.

The first thing any passenger sees is the train’s exterior. Ensuring the paintwork looks spotless and the windows are free of dirt, marks and stains creates an excellent first impression and sets the tone for the rest of their experience.

To protect paintwork, livery and vinyl, a neutral cleaner with controlled pH levels of between 8.0 and 10.0 depending on the dilution, should be considered. If you need help finding the right cleaning product for your specific vehicle, speak to Arrow. pH neutral detergents can also be employed in everyday cleaning without being treated before disposal, since they aren’t hazardous to the environment. They can remove oil, grease, dirt and grime from rolling stock, while leaving a streak-free and gleaming finish, with a resistance to re-soiling and water marks.

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Manage toilets effectively
Cleaning and sanitising effluent tanks, toilet areas and emergency spills are some of the most unpleasant, yet essential tasks facing railway staff. Stocking relevant products on every train and training staff to adopt a customer-focused approach are the only ways of meeting passenger expectations while also controlling costs.

In the rail industry, customer service and comfort are paramount and are growing in importance day by day. That’s why it’s essential to meet these expectations.

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