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Arrow products reaching new heights with Rolls Royce and Lockheed Martin


Arrow’s industrial cleaning and maintenance products are some of the most trusted solutions on the market, gaining new approvals all the time with some of the industry’s biggest OEMs. The new additions to our wipes range have earned Rail, Aerospace ASTM and Rolls Royce approvals for use on new builds and MRO.


300 Wipes

Arrowipe Aqua

Our latest safe degreasing wipe is an aqueous, non-flammable, low VOC, low odour, and low lint wipe for general cleaning and degreasing and for the removal of wet and semi cured sealants. Arrowipe Aqua has been recently approved to the aerospace ASTM F 945-12, Rail Cat No. 007/079108, Rolls Royce MLC104 and CSS204 type A, C & D

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400 Wipes

Arrowipe 70 IPA

Arrowipe 70 IPA Wipes are excellent at removing dirt, dust, greases, and light organic contaminants from a wide variety of hard surfaces including machinery, utensils, and electronic equipment. The wipes benefit from no premixing/waste, avoids cross contamination, is non-tainting, non-smearing, and residue free. Now approved for Rail Cat no. 007/160001, Rolls Royce MLC104 and CSS255 Type A, B, D & E.

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Lotoxane HD

Lotoxane® HD

One of our flagship products and one of the most versatile degreasers on the Market. Lotoxane® HD is a highly refined solvent blend offering a combination of low odour excellent degreasing power and minimal residue on drying. Due to its high purity Lotoxane HD provides a safer alternative to the most hazardous solvents used throughout Industry, it is not classified as flammable, and controlled evaporation reduces exposure in the workplace. Lotoxane HD has many of the benefits of Lotoxane, but in addition it contains a booster to enhance removal of heavier grease deposits and electrical flux residues. Along with Rail Cat approvals, HD has now earned the Boeing BSS7432.

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Lotoxane product image


One of the most trusted and safest industrial degreasing solutions on the market. Lotoxane has a refined formulation which will not damage sensitive equipment or components, it contains no aromatic hydrocarbons and is not classified as flammable. Lotoxane is also one of the most approved products on the market, with multiple approvals from Rolls Royce, Airbus, Boeing, South African Airways, BAE and numerous Rail Cat’s, has now earned Lockheed Martins approval.

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These are only a small selection of Arrow’s range of professional cleaning and maintenance products, see our full range online at contact our experts for more information on 01283 221044 or contact us online now. Keep up to date with the latest innovations from Arrow on LinkedIn