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Trains Run Smoothly with Arrow’s Third Rail Anti-Icing Fluid

Third rail operators face many challenges, not least of which is dealing with ice build-up during cold weather. Ice disrupts power transmission and bring trains to a halt, causing major delays. That’s why Arrow formulated a solution – Arrow’s innovative Third Rail Anti-Icing Fluid. Third rail runs smoothly in freezing conditions with our anti-icing formula, which prevents ice adhesion and build-up even in the toughest winter temperatures.

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Why Arrow’s Third Rail Anti-Icing Fluid stands out

Developed specifically for third rail applications, Arrow’s anti-icing fluid prevents ice adhesion and buildup. It allows any residual ice to easily sheer off the rail surface, maintaining strong electrical contact. The fluid even melts existing built-up of snow and ice, getting trains moving again faster after cold snaps. The formula reduces ice adhesion so buildup can sheer off readily, keeping power transmission smooth. It also helps melt existing ice accumulation to improve post-treatment rail cleaning. Arrow’s Third Rail Anti-Icing fluid has become an integral part of many third rail operators’ winter maintenance schedule.

A high-performance formula for the coldest conditions

Arrow’s Third Rail Anti-Icing fluid provides lasting protection against wash off from extended bad weather. The high flash point over 100°C enables preheating before application for maximum effectiveness. Unlike some competitor fluids, it’s classified as non-hazardous, making it safer to transport, handle and use. The biodegradable formula contains lubricants to reduce conductor shoe wear.

Arrow’s anti-icing fluid can be applied preventatively before cold snaps to stop ice in its tracks. It can also be used after icy weather to clear snow and ice buildup for restored third rail functionality, making it the perfect solution for freezing conditions.

The fluid works with all common application methods – MPVs, GLVs, specialty applicators, and backpack sprayers. Just apply it directly onto the third rail. Arrow’s fluid shouldn’t be mixed with other anti-icers, but you won’t need another one thanks to our powerful anti-icing formula.

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Trusted worldwide

With over 50 years of expertise in rail solutions, Arrow is a global leader in cleaning chemicals and de-icing fluids. Major rail networks worldwide trust Arrow’s products to keep their trains running on time through all weather conditions.

Arrow holds ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certifications for quality, environmental stewardship, and safety. You can be confident using Arrow’s non-hazardous third rail anti-icing fluid.

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