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Third Rail Anti Icing Fluid

Anti icing product for third rail applications

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THIRD RAIL ANTI ICING FLUID has been developed to prevent ice build-up on third rails and to allow residual ice to easily sheer from the surface of the rail. Additionally, Third Rail Anti Icing Fluid will aid the melting of ice already present on the rail.

  • Reduces the adhesion of ice to third rail allowing it to sheer easily from the surface maintaining good electrical contact.
  • Melts ice already present on the rail aiding the cleaning process for post treatment where snow and ice has already formed.
  • Flashpoint of >100°C allows the product to be preheated prior to application.
  • Offers protection against wash off in periods of prolonged changeable weather conditions.
  • Product is not classified as hazardous for GHS regulation or transport, so is safe to transport, handle and use.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Contains lubrication to reduce the wear of conductor shoes.
  • Application rates of as low as 3 litres per minute are possible whereas other products require 6 litres per minute.

Pack size

  • 1000lt IBC

Accreditations & Registrations

  • Rail Cat No: 007/025162
  • Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance PA 05/04978
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Pack Sizes
1000lt IBC
1000lt IBC

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