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High quality 3 in 1 corrosion preventative, moisture displacer and light lubricant

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SHIELD is an incredibly versatile product which acts as a light duty lubricant, penetrant/release agent, dewatering fluid and corrosion preventative. Shield contains a blend of cleaning solvents to wash away residues of oil and grease, dispelling water and allowing deep penetration into threads and mechanisms. A combination of mineral oils and oxidised waxes provide lubrication and unrivalled corrosion protection. In aggressive accelerated salt spray tests Shield has been shown to provide up to 3 times the protection of rival products.

  • Highly effective corrosion preventative and moisture displacer.
  • Also a versatile penetrant and light lubricant.
  • Suitable for use in mechanical, electrical, assembly, fabrication, maintenance and surface treatment applications.
  • Film remains effective up to 150°C.
  • Resists up to 100 hours salt spray.
  • Pleasant odour.


Pack Sizes

  • 300ml Aerosol
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Pack Sizes
300ml aerosol
300ml aerosol

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