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Unleash Unparalleled Cleaning with Bactericidal Hydroclean

Bactericidal Hydroclean is a highly effective cleaner and grease remover containing a broad-spectrum biocide to clean and sanitise surfaces to outstanding effect. This concentrated formula from Arrow provides excellent dilution rates and low cost-in-use and is ideal for food preparation areas, and other areas needing a guaranteed level of sanitation.


The secret formula

The concentrated formula provides excellent dilution rates up to 1:50 for light soiling. It is highly effective at removing food residues and grease, while being non-caustic and safe for galvanised and aluminium surfaces. The non-perfumed formula also reduces the risk of tainting food. For heavy duty soiling, a dilution of 1:10 is enough to completely remove any residues.

Outstanding cleaning power

Bactericidal Hydroclean rapidly dissolves even the toughest buildups of oil, grease and carbonised food residue. Boosted with surfactants and sodium hydroxide, it ensures a spotless and pristine finish on floors, walls, food preparation surfaces, machinery, and equipment. It is ideally suited to food preparation areas.

Ideal for food environments

Bactericidal Hydroclean contains a broad-spectrum biocide that cleans and sanitises surfaces to an outstanding level. Use it to keep floors, walls and preparation areas spotless and suitable for food handling and preparation. It can also be used to disinfect refuse bins, waste chutes and drains, highlighting the utility of the product.

Exceptional value

The concentrated formula dilutes easily so a little goes a long way. This makes Bactericidal Hydroclean extremely cost-effective compared to less concentrated products. It also benefits from easy application, with all manner of cleaning methods being suitable, from spray washing to simple cloth wipe downs.



Key Benefits

  • Highly effective in the removal of food residues and grease.
  • Concentrated formula provides excellent dilution rates and low cost in use.
  • Contains a broad-spectrum biocide.
  • Passes EN 1276.
  • Caustic free allowing application to sensitive galvanised surfaces and aluminium.
  • Non-perfumed to reduce the risk of tainting food.
  • Ideal for food preparation areas and surfaces.
  • NSF approved. D2 Antimicrobial agent not always requiring a rinse.

Typical Applications

  • Bactericidal Hydroclean is ideal for use in food preparation and storage areas to clean floors, walls, food preparation surfaces, machinery and equipment.
  • Use also to clean and disinfect surfaces in areas where a high degree of surface sanitation is required, for example in canteens, washrooms, nursing homes, schools, hotels and leisure centres.
  • May be used to clean and disinfect refuse bins, waste chutes and gullies.
  • Bactericidal Hydroclean will also disinfect and deodorise scrubber dryers and wet vacs.


  • NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program: D2, Registration 160741

Trusted by so many

Arrow has over 50 years of experience in cleaning chemicals and holds ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accreditations. Our products are used in many countries around the world. Bactericidal Hydroclean is also NSF approved and passes EN 1276 testing, highlighting the rigorous standards our products meet.


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