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Train operating companies wipe the slate clean

The latest National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) revealed train operating companies still have significant improvements to make before fulfilling passengers’ expectations. As a result Arrow Solutions, the manufacturer of specialist rail cleaning and maintenance products, is challenging train operating companies that want to improve their cleanliness ratings to make their toughest cleaning problems known to the company’s experts.

Arrow Solutions will assess every challenge free of charge and provide an alternative way of solving the problem.

With over 50,000 passengers surveyed every year, the NRPS provides a network-wide picture of consumers’ experiences when it comes to travelling by train. The most recent survey has confirmed that internal cleanliness is an important factor in overall customer satisfaction – second only to punctuality.

“The rise of train ticket prices has resulted in more sophisticated demands from the general public when it comes to rail journeys,” explained James Lomas, Sales Manager for Rail at Arrow Solutions. “Although punctuality, customer service and ticket prices will always be key indicators of customer experience, other aspects, including train presentation, are under more scrutiny from passengers now than ever before.

“Old habits die hard in the rail industry, and cleaning products that have been used without significant success definitely fall into that category,” continued Lomas. “Arrow Solutions has often found that train operating companies are reluctant to change the cleaning products they have been using for a long time, despite results being far from outstanding.

“We believe improving train presentation and cleanliness is often just a matter of trying something new and doing things just a little bit differently. So, no strings attached, we’d like to offer our alternative solutions for the toughest rail cleaning challenges, to help train operating companies rate better in next year’s NRPS report and make passengers’ journeys more enjoyable.”

Arrow Solutions has been supplying professional cleaning chemicals to the rail industry for over 45 years. The company provides a range of exterior washing products, including daily use cleaners, degreasers, rust and scale removers that can get rid of virtually any type of soiling. Interior cleaning products that remove ingrained residues as well as sanitising surfaces and masking odours are also an essential part of Arrow Solutions’ rail offering.

Train operating companies that would like to hear an alternative solution to their most gruelling rail cleaning challenges are invited to get in touch with James Lomas on or on 01283 221044.