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Anti-static Optical Cleaner

Ready to use multi purpose anti static cleaner

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ANTI-STATIC OPTICAL CLEANER is a versatile ready to use hard surface cleaner containing specialist anti-static agents, that prevents the build-up of static charges upon treated surfaces.

  • Excellent light duty cleaner, rapidly removes dust and dirt from a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Contains specialist anti-static agents to dissipate and prevent the build-up of static charges.
  • Prevents attraction of dust and malfunctions of sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Buffs easily to a smear free finish.
  • Suitable for use on plastic, glass and metal surfaces.
  • Convenient ready to use trigger spray.
  • Silicone free.

Accreditations and Approvals

  • Institute of Naval Medicine – Listed in BR 1326
  • MOD NATO Stock No: 7930-99-588-1671

Pack size

  • 750ml

(other pack sizes available on request)

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750ml trigger
750ml trigger

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