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Product Spotlight – Streak-free rolling stock degreasing with Ecowash Autoshine

In the rail industry, rolling stock is constantly undergoing a barrage of soil, oil, wear and tear. Today’s product spotlight shows off Ecowash Autoshine, a specially formulated blend of detergents, water softeners and shine additives that leaves your carriages with a streak-free, shiny surface. Ecowash Autoshine is built for utility as well as looks – safe for painted surfaces and aluminium, it builds a water and soil resistant finish that helps your rolling stock fend off the ongoing dirt assault.

Why customers love it

Highly concentrated and economical in use

Chemical spend is an especially pressing concern when dealing with surfaces that are in frequent need of cleaning. That’s why Ecowash Autoshine has a highly concentrated and economical formula, which saves money while being better for the environment. Locomotives, freight wagons, tankers, trams, underground trains; workers dealing with all manner of rolling stock benefit from the reduced chemical spend of Ecowash Autoshine.

Why cleaners love it

Safe for painted surfaces

In accordance with BS3900 G5 standards, Ecowash Autoshine isn’t detrimental to painted surfaces. Workers needn’t worry about damaging the surfaces they’re cleaning, especially as this pH neutral formulation is also not aggressive to sensitive galvanised or aluminium surfaces.

Helps build resistance to water and oil

Ecowash Autoshine is specially formulated with the rail industry in mind, degreasing and enhancing rolling stock both new and worn. The shiny finish it leaves will build resistance to water and soil, making cleaners’ jobs easier and leaving rolling stock cleaner, for longer.

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