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Non-Corrosive platform snow & ice removal with Thaw Granules

When the winter comes, train station operators need to be prepared to ensure the safety of their customers. In the past, that safety has come at the cost of stained and corroded train surfaces. With Thaw Granules, the Winter solution by Arrow, that problem has been eliminated. That’s why, in preparation for the upcoming winter, we’re featuring Thaw in our product spotlight.

Why customers love it

Crushes easily under foot to reduce the risk of slipping
These effective granules are easily applied to rail platform surfaces, working as a preventative measure against ice or as a way to melt existing ice build-up. Customers worried about making their next connection will be safer with Thaw Granules underfoot – the granules crush easily to give better traction.

Non-stain formula
Thaw provides a stain-free solution to platform safety. Unlike many alternative products for treating slippery platforms, Thaw Granules won’t leave ugly marks on your surfaces, saving you from an unsightly station and a costly post-winter clean-up.

Why cleaners love it

Non-corrosive to concrete and steel
The unfortunate side effect of most de-icing formulas is the resulting damage to train surfaces as customers tread it from platform to carpet. With Thaw Granules, that scenario need never occur; they provide a de-icing solution that is completely non-corrosive to concrete and steel. That means trains won’t have to be continually reupholstered, and metal surfaces remain safe.

Treated to prevent wind blow
With the cold winter often comes heavy winds, which is why Thaw Granules have been heavily treated to resist wind disruption. Surfaces will stay safer for longer, and workers won’t have to worry about reapplying the solution when weather worsens.

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