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Keep Critical Systems Clean with Arrow’s Supersolve Contact Cleaners

Electrical and electronic systems rely on clean connections to function properly. Grease, oil and dirt buildup can cause poor connectivity, arcing, and even complete system failures. That’s why regular cleaning with a high-quality contact cleaner is essential. Arrow’s Supersolve range are a pair of industrial-strength electronic contact cleaners that provide excellent results.

Arrow offers two powerful options – Supersolve AS and Supersolve CC. Both utilise fast evaporating, low odour solvents to dissolve and rinse away contaminants without leaving residue. Don’t let dirty connections compromise your electrical and electronic systems. Regular cleaning with Supersolve from Arrow prevents residues and ensures peak performance.


Supersolve AS

This exceptionally clean and fast drying aerosol degreaser is ideal for flushing oil and grease from electrical assemblies, switchgear, motors and more. Supersolve AS is safe for use on circuit boards, insulation, and delicate components thanks to its refined formula. The non-flammable propellants make it suitable for aerospace applications. The low odour formula makes it easier to use repeatedly and safe for food processing equipment. It leaves zero residue, making it perfect for surface prep before painting/coating. Supersolve AS is fully A145 approved for aviation and defence.

Key benefits

  • Rapid dry and zero residue make Supersolve AS ideal for surface preparation prior to bonding, painting and inspection.
  • Refined formulation will not damage sensitive equipment or components, flammability is suppressed by the use of non flammable propellants.
  • Tested and approved for aerospace applications.
  • Provides effective removal of oils and particulates.
  • Low odour.
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Supersolve CC

Where maximum cleaning power is needed, upgrade to Supersolve CC. This heavy-duty formula dissolves the toughest carbon and grease deposits quickly. Supersolve CC cuts through oil, flux, and particulate buildup while retaining the low odour and fast evaporation the Supersolve range is designed for.

Supersolve CC restores connectivity and allows full electrical current to flow, making it ideal for machine maintenance. It also extends the life of switches, contacts and relays. It also prevents voltage leaks, arcing and short circuits. Supersolve CC is safe on plastics and rubbers and is non-conductive, making it highly convenient to use and safe for sensitive equipment.

Key benefits

  • No residue.
  • Will not damage sensitive equipment.
  • Fast evaporation.
  • Low odour.


  • Rail Cat No: 007/007228.
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