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Innovations to reduce waste and support the environment.

Solar panel installation at Arrow

Arrow Solutions has always been committed to conducting business in an ethically and socially responsible manner, as well as ensuring the effective management of environmental issues. We are focused on sustainable development in order to meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

One of the primary ways in which we help our customers achieve the same objectives is by minimising their chemical usage and waste to landfill. All Arrow products are of a high quality, with less required to complete the task compared to typical alternatives. Additionally, most of our range is provided as a concentrate to which water is added locally, saving unnecessary transport and packaging.

Arrows environmental figures

Arrow’s commitment to the environment.

Along with sponsorship of the National Forest, we have also been accredited to ISO14001 since 2010. However, we have not let our efforts rest there, our innovations on creating more environmentally friendly products have led to non-hazardous variations of industrial cleaning and maintenance solutions, along with aqueous wipes, refill packs and the complete removal of microbeads from formulas, so no longer requires specialist disposal.

Arrow is currently undertaking huge improvements throughout the plant with production efficiencies to reduce consumption and fitting nearly 1000 solar panels throughout, becoming more self-sufficient with cleaner energy. The solar panel installation on our factory roofs will generate around 20% of the electricity we use in a year saving 75 tonnes of CO2. 80% of the electricity generated by the panels will be used on site, although the balance of 20% cannot be sold back to national grid because they have insufficient capacity to take it.

Looking to the future.

Arrow continues to look into removing single use plastics with the introduction of opaque packs in both 5L and 20L as part of supporting businesses on zero waste to landfill targets. We are committed to responsible sourcing of componentry and raw materials to reduce waste and help support the environment. Where possible, we are promoting bulk liquids, trigger sprays and impregnated wipes over aerosol which supports the reduction of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), whilst introducing new product developments like ecolabelling and non-hazardous alternatives.

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