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Engine manufacturer degreasing solution

The challenge

A major international diesel engine manufacturer faced problems with machining lubricant residues remaining in interior sections of newly manufactured large engine blocks. The blocks are required to be completely free of contaminants before they proceed to the assembly stage.

Primary cleaning is provided by passing through hot aqueous spraywash equipment but this cannot thoroughly remove all deposits from the deep holes drilled within the blocks, so a secondary manual clean is undertaken. The manufacturer initially used acetone for this purpose but found it did not comply with company health and safety policy. They also identified a particular risk of flammability as the blocks were still warm following the spraywash cleaning.

The Lotoxane Solution

Working closely with Arrow Solutions, the customer established a simple process of passing thin long handled brushes, dipped in Lotoxane®, through the drill holes in the blocks where lubricant remains. The Lotoxane® removes all oily contamination and the brush pushes out any machined particles that may still be present. At the same time, the Lotoxane® displaces any build-up of moisture and prevents the risk of flash rusting.

Rather than waiting for the blocks to cool, Lotoxane® allows this operation to be carried out at any time which is most cost effective for the manufacturer. There has been a significant reduction in the consumption of Lotoxane® compared to acetone previously, and an equivalent reduction in VOC emissions. Lastly, where workers were once obliged to wear respiratory protection, they are now able to safely carry out the task without any type of face mask.