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Degrease with Ease, Protect the Seas

Introducing ECAD, the multi-surface cleaner and degreaser that’s revolutionising industrial cleaning with its eco-friendly formula. Designed to meet the toughest environmental standards, especially for offshore topside applications on oil rigs and platforms, ECAD is as versatile as it is powerful. Whether you’re tackling onshore production or maintenance cleaning tasks, ECAD is your go-to solution.

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Why ECAD Stands Out

ECAD boasts several key advantages for users. Its minimal environmental impact on aquatic conditions ensures that your cleaning processes are not harming the planet. The low odour and water-soluble formula make it perfect for use in pressure washers, offering a seamless cleaning experience. Plus, ECAD’s highly concentrated formula with excellent dilution rates helps you save costs without compromising on performance.

Despite its industrial strength, ECAD’s non-caustic formula is safe for use on sensitive materials like aluminium and zinc plate. It’s your ultimate ally for rapidly removing stubborn substances such as heavy oils, greases, salt, bird droppings, and grime.

Key Benefits


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Minimal Environmental Impact

ECAD has been designed to meet stringent requirements whilst minimising the impact on the aquatic environment.

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Its versatility also makes it suitable for a wide range of onshore production and maintenance cleaning tasks.

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Water-soluble Formula

The low odour and water-soluble formula make it ideal for use in pressure washers.

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Excellent Dilution Rates

ECAD is also highly concentrated with excellent dilution rates, helping to reduce its cost in use.

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Versatility Onshore and Offshore

ECAD is developed to handle both offshore and onshore cleaning tasks with ease. Offshore, it excels in cleaning equipment including machines, plants, and drilling equipment. It’s also perfect for maintaining offshore superstructures like helipads, decks, stairs, and walkways. ECAD even makes cleaning offshore accommodations and marine vessel surfaces a breeze, tackling oil-laden surfaces both above and below deck.

Onshore, ECAD proves invaluable for equipment and machine cleaning at production facilities and plants, as well as general facility maintenance. No matter where you are, ECAD is ready to deliver exceptional cleaning power.

Pioneering chemistry for over 50 years

At Arrow Solutions, sustainability and responsibility are at the core of our business practices. We are proud to say that ECAD is manufactured in the United Kingdom under our ISO 14001:2015 certification, ensuring it meets stringent offshore environmental regulations. Our commitment to these standards is a testament to our dedication to minimising our environmental footprint and continuously improving our practices.

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Choose ECAD for a cleaner, greener solution that doesn’t compromise on strength. Clean with confidence, knowing you’re protecting the seas and supporting sustainable practices.

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