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Caviar house & Prunier


Caviar House & Prunier is a producer of the world’s finest Prunier caviar and Balik smoked salmon. Caviar House & Prunier is recognised as the market leader worldwide for its unique selection process and the high quality of its caviar. Caviar House & Prunier have seafood bars worldwide, including London, Heathrow Airport at Terminal 2. Arrow have been supplying Caviar House & Prunier for over a year and have built up excellent relations with the office manager and kitchen staff.


Arrow were initially challenged to remedy the blocked drainage which Caviar were experiencing on a regular basis and becoming a problem area at Heathrow Terminal 2. They also required an improved range of cleaning solutions for the kitchen.


Arrow installed dosing units with Gladiator, a revolutionary and unique drain grease and odour control system, to tackle the drainage issue. Arrow supplied a number of cleaning products to the kitchen for improved stain, grease and residue removal and overall sanitation of the area. Gladiator neutralised the drainage issues by rapidly softening and liquefying fatty deposits, allowing them to be easily washed away without redepositing. The cleaning range supplied to the kitchen immediately cut costs for the bar, with staff in agreement that the solutions are an improvement on the previous supply.

“We have been using the Arrow Gladiator product via our outlets in terminal 2, 5, Heathrow airport and Gatwick North and South, and found that the drain issues we were suffering from previously, have been greatly reduced. We asked Arrow to source a product which would sufficiently break-down grease and their suggestion showed immediate results. We have always worked closely with Arrow to find the best solutions for our business and this product is outstanding.”

Sarah Bullen, Office Manager, Caviar House & Prunier (Heathrow Airport)