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Arrow Solutions launches £1m international expansion plan

The launch of two new innovations and significant international expansion is promising to deliver 10% growth in sales this year for an East Midlands manufacturer of specialist chemicals.

Arrow Solutions, which is part of the £21m strong Reabrook Ltd, is expecting significant global interest in its new advanced cleaning and maintenance products for the aerospace, industrial and commercial hygiene fields.

It’s part of a £1m investment programme that the company is embarking on to grow market share in the UK and in strategic international territories, such as the Middle East and the Far East.

The latter has enjoyed significant funding to create a stand-alone trading entity in Shanghai, offering sales, technical support and a commercial base for the entire region.

“Our strategy is based on a desire to become the supplier of choice for specialist chemical products, setting the standing in cleaning and maintenance in the process,” explained Jonathan Lane, Sales Director at Arrow Solutions.

“Traditionally, we have produced hundreds of products and there is still a substantial market for many of these. However, our focus will increasingly be on introducing new high quality products that provide the best possible performance, boast the best possible environmental credentials and, in certain cases, offer genuinely new solutions.”

He continued: “Half of our turnover is exported overseas and we see international sales continuing to grow with the developing industrial markets in the Far East and Middle East growing at pace and looking to improve their commitment to health, safety and environmental standards.

“We have a dedicated team in place to support our network and warehouse in the Middle East, whilst our subsidiary in China is now fully operational. Arrow Shanghai Trading Company will turnover nearly £1m in its first twelve months and be a multi-million pound business in the years to come.”

Arrow Solutions, which operates world class manufacturing facilities at its site in Moira, is currently in discussion with a number of airlines about the impending arrival of a radically improved version of its aircraft disinsectant product that is sprayed in the cabin to combat the transmission of disease.

It is expecting significant interest, with prevention of the spread of the Zika virus hitting the international headlines.

Another innovation the company is working on at the moment is a new dishwashing cleaning solution, which will act the centerpiece of its complete range for commercial kitchens.

Jonathan concluded: “2016 is going to be a big year for Arrow Solutions as we look to execute our global strategy, whilst continually looking to invest in our UK operation and the skills of our people.”