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Aerospace MRO Case Study

The challenge

A large aerospace MRO facility had recently won substantial new contracts and identified a need to ensure that it had access to the correct chemical cleaning materials that would allow it to maintain the various aircraft types it was now faced with.

It was also preparing to undertake new maintenance procedures for the first time. Previously the MRO facility had procured a number of different solvent cleaners from a range of suppliers, often from the internet at significant cost. They knew that it was now imperative to secure cost effective supply to meet their needs.

The Lotoxane Solution

Through consultation with Arrow Solutions the MRO facility established that Lotoxane® and Lotoxane® Fast would be able to meet the majority of their requirements. The products carried almost all the OEM approvals demanded and could be used in a very wide number of applications. Lotoxane® is used for component cleaning, pre-inspection cleaning and electrical maintenance, whereas the faster drying time of Lotoxane® Fast proved to be perfect for pre-painting surface preparation.

The compatibility of Lotoxane® with different types of plastics also solved a problem that they had been having with damage to certain surfaces, caused by the use of MEK. The customer was able to replace the more hazardous products they had been using as well as reducing total consumption and cost per aircraft, due to the higher cleaning efficiency of Lotoxane®.