University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

University of Strathclyde is a leading international technological University located in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city. Arrow have been supplying Strathclyde for many years, and as the University expands, Arrow has become a key supplier of catering and cleaning chemicals.


The university were keen to understand CoSHH and health and safety issues, regarding the use of chemicals, whilst also looking to reduce their chemical spend and minimise the amount of chemicals they needed to store.


Arrow provided consultation on how to yield the best results and adhere to the highest safety and environmental standards. Two on-site sessions for CoSHH training were provided with expert advice in the safety and handling of the chemicals that had come recommended for use at the university. Arrow continue to supply Strathclyde university with innovative ways of reducing chemical spend, whilst improving performance. The relevant staff are also trained sufficiently in the use of their chemical cleaning solutions and appreciate the knowledge Arrow have continued to share over the years. Minimising the amount of chemicals needed to efficiently satisfy the University’s needs was a big requirement which Arrow has met.

“Arrow Solutions quickly improved our chemical supply with quality products, whilst minimising the amount of chemicals needed to sufficiently undertake our cleaning requirements. Arrow’s dilution rates are excellent and the dosage system is easy to use and well received by our hospitality team. Arrow also provided two excellent on-site training sessions which provided the knowledge required to adhere to the most stringent of health and safety regulations. I would recommend Arrow Solutions to anyone looking for expert, friendly advice on the use of cleaning chemicals in their establishment, kitchen or business.”

June Hayes, Catering Manager, Strathclyde University



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