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The Success Story of Lotoxane Fast at William Wright Silverware


William Wright Silverware is a master cutler and manufacturers of luxury cutlery and silverware for the hospitality industry. With customers based in over 60 countries, the company has forged an outstanding reputation for quality products.

After founder William died in 1987, his youngest son Stephen inherited the business. Stephen is still the current Managing Director and he has used his vast experience to assemble a highly skilled team to service some of the leading names in the hospitality industry.

When coming across Arrow Solutions online, William Wright Silverware required a solution that would degrease and clean ready for engraving and polishing. The company’s existing product was becoming too costly and was imported from the USA. As a result, William Wright turned to Lotoxane Fast, a faster drying Lotoxane variant which evaporates three times faster than the standard product, and was available to deliver from the UK. It is accredited to Rolls Royce CSS255 A, B and D, as well as ARP1755B, and is one of the recommended products by Rolls Royce (feature in OMAT guide) and Pratt and Whitney registration.
William Wright Silverware has been a loyal customer of Arrow’s for over a year, and they continue to provide excellent feedback relating to the product supplied, as well as Arrow’s customer service.

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“We decided to give Lotoxane Fast a try after struggling to find products that could properly clean and sanitise our cutlery and silverware. After over a year of working with Arrow Solutions, we are extremely satisfied with the results. This innovative cleaner cuts through grease, fats, and residue far better than any product we had tried before. As long as Arrow keeps producing a cleaner as good as Lotoxane Fast, William Wright Silverware will remain a loyal customer for years to come.”

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