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Take Charge of Vehicle Cleaning with Trailerwash

Keeping lorries, buses, and commercial vehicles looking their best is a constant challenge due to the high mileage they rack up. From heavy traffic film and dirt to grease and oils, exterior surfaces are constantly exposed to the elements. That’s why Arrow formulated Trailerwash – an incredibly powerful and highly concentrated heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser designed specifically for commercial vehicle exteriors.


A concentrated formula that saves you money

Trailerwash features a highly concentrated formula that offers excellent dilution rates, meaning low cost-in-use. A small amount of Trailerwash goes a long way, making it extremely economical compared to less concentrated alternatives. The versatile formulation can be diluted to handle light cleaning tasks or heavy degreasing jobs. Ratios as low as 100:1 are suitable for light soiling, with 10:1 being appropriate to tackle heavy duty degreasing.

Trailerwash tackles the toughest grime

The powerful deep cleaning agents in Trailerwash get to work immediately on contact, breaking down and removing the heaviest soiling. Curtain sided vehicles, trucks, forklifts and refuse lorries are easily treated with the cleaning power of Trailerwash. Even dried-on grease and oil are no problem for this hardworking degreaser. This makes it the ideal for a pre-M.O.T. cleaner.

Chassis made new again

With its outstanding grease-cutting ability, Trailerwash excels as a chassis cleaner. Its powerful degreasing action lifts dirt from every nook and cranny, leaving chassis looking new again. Not only that, but it is also effective with cold water, although a hot water pressure washer will achieve the very best results.

Sizes that make sense for your operation

Whether you manage a single commercial vehicle or an entire fleet, Trailerwash is available in a suitable size. 20L, 210L and 1000L sizes suit both small and large commercial vehicle washing needs. It can also be used to clean cars, vans, and other light vehicles. The formula contains water softeners, so it works just as well in hard water areas too.


Key Benefits

  • Concentrated formula offers excellent dilution rates and so low cost in use.
  • Powerful deep cleaning action is very effective in cleaning curtain sided vehicles, trucks, forklifts and refuse lorries.
  • Versatile formula may also be used to clean cars and light commercial vehicles.
  • Contains water softeners to remain effective even in very hard water areas.
  • Powerful degreasing action makes Trailerwash an exceptional chassis cleaner.

Typical Applications

  • Cleaning heavily soiled exteriors of tankers, lorries, transport containers, trailers, buses, vans, fork lifts, cars and taxis.
  • Particularly effective for cleaning curtain-sided vehicles.
  • Ideal as a pre-M.O.T. cleaner and chassis cleaner.
  • Cleaning cranes, diggers, tractors and other plant equipment.
  • Cleaning workshop floors.


  • Rail Cat No. 007/500042 (20lt)
  • Rail Cat No. 007/007874 (210lt)
  • Rail Cat No. 007/007875 (1000lt)


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