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Aquaklenz CP
Aquaklenz CP product imageC013

Aqueous, low foaming degreaser with added corrosion inhibitors for spraywash applications

Arrowipe 70 IPA
400 WipesC920

All purpose, alcohol based, hard surface cleaning and degreasing wipes

Arrowipe Aqua Wipes
300 WipesC836

Aqueous, non-flammable, low VOC, low odour and low lint wipes for general cleaning and degreasing and for the removal of wet and semi cured sealants

Citrol product imageC834

Microemulsion cleaner and degreaser

Delta product imageC100

Fast breaking heavy duty degreaser

ECAD product imageC076

Environmental cleaner and degreaser for offshore and onshore applications

Ecowash Autoshine
Ecowash Autoshine product imageC568

Daily exterior train wash

HDD product imageC180

Heavy duty emulsifiable solvent degreaser

Lotoxane product imageA415 / C043

The trusted, safe solution for professional degreasing

Lotoxane® Fast Wipes
Lotoxane fastC044

Convenient and versatile degreasing wipes impregnated with Lotoxane® Fast

Lotoxane® HD
Lotoxane HD product imageC048

Highly refined low odour solvent degreaser with boosted degreasing power.

Lotoxane® HD Wipes
Lotoxane HD wipes product imageC048

Convenient and versatile degreasing wipes impregnated with Lotoxane® HD