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Cleaning & descaling chemicals

Cleaning & Descaling

Industrial chemical solutions

Cleaning & Descaling Products


High strength descaler, concrete and rust remover

Bactericidal Hydroclean
Bactericidal Hydroclean product imageC197

Biocidal hard surface cleaner

Britox Plus
Britox Plus product imageC027

High strength descaler, concrete and rust remover

Chloroclean with Foam
Chloroclean with foam product imageC957

High foaming specialist chlorinated high alkaline cleaner

Citrol product imageC834

Microemulsion cleaner and degreaser

Delta product imageC100

Fast breaking heavy duty degreaser

Fastklean product imageA134 / C239

Fast drying electrical component and machinery cleaner and degreaser

GL Remover
GL Remover product imageA011

Citrus solvent based aerosol for glue and label removal


70% alcohol based, thickened virucidal and bactericidal hand sanitiser gel

Handisan Aerosol
75ml AerosolA178

70% alcohol based, liquid virucidal and bactericidal hand sanitiser aerosol spray

HDD product imageC180

Heavy duty emulsifiable solvent degreaser

HR8 Superclean Lemon
HR8 Superclean Lemon product imageC325

Universal cleaner and degreaser, suitable for use on most hard surfaces and floors