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Saving money on welding with Water Based Anti Spatter

Welding is a key process in manufacturing, and the go-to shot for factory montages. Today’s product spotlight puts the cinematography aside and saves customers real money every time something needs to be welded. Water Based Anti Spatter is a unique blue liquid that prevents weld spatter from sticking to the work piece, meaning you spend far less time cleaning, and end up with a product that looks good enough for the big screen.

Why customers love it

Getting on with the job

The flexibility of Anti Spatter means that it can be used for all welding scenarios, whether it’s in mechanical assembly, fabrication or repair work. It’s non-flammable too, making it suitable for automatic high temperature welding. The main benefit is that with each application, it will save you from having to stop what you’re doing to remove the spatter. Letting you get on with the job.

A consistent money saver                      

Perhaps the best thing about Anti Spatter is that for customers who weld regularly, it’s going to provide significant return on investment. More often than not, weld spatter is an unwanted side effect that requires a second process to be removed. Either for the purposes of appearance or utility. A quick application of Anti Spatter before the welding process prevents the need for time-consuming removal. Because of its water based nature, the anti-spatter will have evaporated by the time the job is done, and any that remains can be removed with a damp cloth. Improving your productivity and, further down the line, profit.

Keeping you operational

When it’s being used in mechanical assembly, Anti Spatter’s potential grows even more. Usually, automated welding machinery would have to be halted at some point in order to manually remove the spatter. But with an Anti Spatter vat in close attendance, your machinery could potentially run for 24 hours a day. That’s a small investment that could make a massive difference to your output.

Why engineers love it

Health and Safety Compliant

Our Water Based Anti Spatter is the non-flammable and non-hazardous option for keeping spatter from work pieces. Suitable for personal use (with protective equipment, of course) the product provides no danger from inhalation or use in high temperatures. So while your factory keeps on working, you will be safe in the knowledge it comes at no cost to engineers.

Better than oil

By removing that ugly spatter spoiling the weld, Anti Spatter allows you to produce pieces with a premium appearance and finish. Compared to oil and silicone based anti spatter from other manufacturers, Water Based Anti Spatter won’t have a damaging effect on painting or other protective coatings that will be applied later. For jobs where it pays to look good, Arrow’s product makes all the difference.

Find more about our Water Based Anti Spatter here, including full specs and technical data sheet. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, and stay tuned for more product spotlights in the future.