Rapide – The first wipe in the world to gain Rolls-Royce type E approval

Rapide is a brand new product from Arrow Solutions, designed to remove ink markings and engineering dyes from metal or composite components. It’s the only solution that leaves surfaces genuinely residue and smear free, ready for coating, bonding, machining or heat treatment.

Quick and efficient

Large wipes reduce cleaning time and overall waste. With Rapide, no second clean is needed.


Excellent cost in use, with significantly less wastage of product through evaporation and during application. The new refill packs using minimal packaging are designed for use in vending machines and offer reduced waste to landfill.

Safe and easy to use

Very low odour gives a much better working atmosphere and means you’ll feel no drowsiness or dizziness. Safe for use on polyurethane and epoxy painted surfaces.

Rolls-Royce Approved

Rapide’s quality is industry-tested. As the first surface cleaner to gain Rolls-Royce (CSS255 Type E), Rapide is proven to save even the biggest manufacturers time and money. Ideal for any engineering project in Aerospace, Rail, Energy, Marine and Automotive.

For more information and a comprehensive list of Rapide’s applications, click here.

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