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WR Washroom Range

WR Washroom cleaning & maintenance products

WR Washroom Range

Commercial cleaning and maintenance chemical products

WR Washroom Range

Arrow Solutions’ re-branded Washroom Range (WR) of cleaning and maintenance solutions has been designed to offer the same high standards that cleaning professionals have come to know and trust in a new, dedicated range.

The Washroom Range now offers clearer identification and excellent cost in use. Our new concentrate can make 100 trigger bottles from every litre, with the easy to use trigger pack, available separately.

WR Washroom Range Products

WR1 Tolette Toilet Cleaner
WR1 Tolette Toilet Cleaner product imageC520

Premium thickened toilet and urinal cleaner and descaler

WR2 Desolve Plughole Maintainer
WR2 Desolve Plughole Maintainer product imageC089

Dissolves hair, fats, organic debris and soap scum from plugholes and shower traps

WR4 Naturals Soap
WR4 Naturals Soap product imageC591

A refreshing handwash, containing essential oils of citrus and lime

WR5 Handwash Lotion
WR5 Handwash Lotion product imageC585

Effective, economical handwash for frequent use which leaves hands feeling clean and fresh

WRS3 Washroom Cleaner Concentrate
WR S3 Washroom Cleaner product imageC887

Concentrated daily washroom cleaner and descaler for use on all washroom surfaces