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Cleans and descales all types of coffee machines

KR10 Hand Sanitiser Foam

Hand Sanitiser Foam

A fast-acting, alcohol-free foam hand sanitiser

NEW Professional Kitchen Cleaning Range

Arrow Solutions are pleased to introduce new product ranges focussed on commercial kitchens and housekeeping, which have been specifically designed to provide a complete, right first time solution for key commercial hygiene cleaning applications.

The re-branded Kitchen Range (KR) of cleaning and maintenance solutions have been designed with the modern commercial kitchen in mind and offer the same high standards that cleaning professionals have come to know and trust. Arrow Solutions provide products that clean, de-grease and sanitise all aspects of the commercial kitchen, from general dish washing to food contact area sanitising with EN1276 approved solutions.

Our kitchen concentrates allow routine yet vital tasks such as dishwashing, oven cleaning, drain maintenance and sanitising to be completed to the highest standards, while our exceptional dilution rates deliver excellent cost in use.

Our new range spans new and improved oven and coffee machine cleaners, washing up liquid and concentrates that offer up to 100 trigger bottles worth of solution per Litre. Our reputation for the best heavy duty solutions continues with a floor cleaner that easily eliminate scuffs, grease and fatty deposits, as well as multi-purpose cleaners that are essential to the upkeep of clean and hygienic commercial kitchens. Whether running a single coffee shop or a large chain of restaurants, catering professionals know that Arrow products will keep their kitchens running trouble free during even the busiest periods of service.

KR Kitchen Range Products

KR S2 Catering Sanitiser Concentrate
KR S2 Catering Sanitiser Concentrate product imageC911

Professional sanitiser for all kitchen and food contact areas tested against enveloped viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungus

KR S4 Catering Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate
KR S4 Catering Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate product imageC888

A premium multi purpose cleaner and degreaser for all hard surfaces within food premises

KR S5 Washing Up Liquid Concentrate
KR S5 Washing Up Liquid Concentrate product imageC884

A premium concentrated washing up liquid for commercial catering operations.

KR1 Washing Up Liquid
KR1 Washing Up Liquid product imageC884

A concentrated lemon fragranced washing up liquid for general hand dishwashing and pot washing

KR10 Hand Sanitiser Foam
KR10 Hand Sanitiser Foam product imageC915

A fast-acting, alcohol-free foam hand sanitiser

KR11 Bactericidal Washing Up Liquid
KR11 Bactericidal Washing Up Liquid product imageC848

Bactericidal manual washing up liquid

KR12 Degreasing Powder

Effective, soluble degreasing powder for catering applications

KR3 Safety Floor Cleaner
KR3 Safety Floor Cleaner product imageC408

Specialist cleaner for anti-slip floors, removing scuffs, grease, grime and fatty deposits

KR6 Activ Oven Cleaner
KR6 Activ Oven Cleaner product imageC993

Powerful foaming oven cleaner designed to remove burnt on residues of fats and grease from ovens and other catering equipment

KR7 Coffee Machine Cleaner & Descaler
KR7 Coffee Machine Cleaner product imageC901

Cleans and descales all types of coffee machines. Can also be used for descaling kitchen appliances such as tea urns, dish and glass washers

KR8 Tannin Removal Powder
KR8 Tannin Removal Powder product imageC868

A chlorine free, stain removal powder, effective in the removal of tannin from crockery, cutlery and utensils

KR9 Anti-Bacterial Soap
KR9 Anti Bacterial Soap product imageC599

Unperfumed and undyed handwash with anti-bacterial action