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Commercial Hygiene

Arrow has been supplying janitorial products since our inception, focusing on catering, housekeeping and building maintenance. Schools and hospitals, restaurants and hotels all rely on Arrow products to maintain a safe and clean environment for staff and customers alike.

Whether ensuring crockery and cutlery emerge clean first time from a dishwasher, removing stains and odours from furniture and floors or preventing drains from becoming blocked – Arrow has the solution.

Commercial Hygiene Products

Bactericidal Hydroclean

Biocidal hard surface cleaner

Biocidal Cleaner

Biocidal hard surface cleaner

Chemical Toilet Additive
Chemical Toilet Additive product imageC396

Additive for chemical and recirculating toilet systems

Chloroclean with Foam
Chloroclean with foam product imageC957

High foaming specialist chlorinated high alkaline cleaner

200 tabletsC052

Convenient and easy to use economical chlorine tablets

DC1 Biozyme
DC1 Biozyme product imageC041

Natural enzyme liquid treatment to maintain free flowing drains and reduce odour

DC2 Gladiator
DC2 Gladiator product imageC218

A revolutionary unique drain grease and odour control system

DC3 Drain Clear
DC3 Drain Clear product imageC226

Concentrated liquid pipe and drain opener

DW G1 Glasswash Detergent
DW G1 Glasswash Detergent product imageC859

A machine glasswash detergent

DW G2 Glass Rinse
DW G2 Glassrinse product imageC858

A premium professional concentrated machine glasswash rinse additive

DW1 Hard Water Dishwasher Detergent
DW1 Hard Water Dishwasher Detergent product imageC862

A premium professional concentrated machine dishwash detergent for hard water conditions

DW2 Hard Water Rinse Aid
DW2 Hard Water Rinse Aid product imageC861

A premium professional concentrated machine rinse additive for use in hard water conditions