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500ml aerosol

Polar De-icer

Rapid action non smear De-icer

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POLAR DE-ICER Aerosol is a premium blend of alcohols and glycol’s designed to rapidly remove ice from windscreens in even the most extreme winter conditions.

  • A premium blend of alcohols and glycols for effective frost and ice removal.
  • Powerful jet action that can reach both sides of windscreen from one side of vehicle.
  • Highly concentrated formula prevents re-icing.
  • Suitable for use on all vehicles, frozen locks, freezer machinery, compressors and heavy plant.
  • Enhances shine on new or dulling paintwork, vinyl coatings and glass.
  • Provides superb performance in all conditions, effective at down to -50ºC.

Pack sizes

  • 400ml aerosol
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Pack Sizes
400ml aerosol
400ml aerosol

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