WR2 Desolve Plughole Maintainer


Dissolves hair, fats, organic debris and soap scum from plugholes and shower traps


WR2-Desolve 500g
WR2-Desolve 500g


  • Will clear hair, soapscum, fats, paper, organic debris and slime in minutes
  • Generates heat on dilution softening debris for rapid release
  • Extremely concentrated granules
  • Granular formulation for safe and easy dosing
  • Will not harm pipes, fittings, rubbers or plastics
  • Suitable for use in sinks, baths, showers, toilets and urinals within schools, hairdressers, hotels, businesses, sports arenas, public buildings etc
  • Highly economical in use
  • Powerful performance

Pack Sizes

  • 500g