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Warehouse Sanitiser Range

Safeguarding your warehouse and workforce

Arrow’s range of warehouse sanitising solutions keep your workers and their environment safe and clean.

As your business responds to the urgent need for safer working environments, all under the stringent demands of Covid-19, Arrow’s reconfigured range of sanitising solutions covers personal care such as hand sanitiser, as well as products designed to clean and disinfect hard surfaces.

The range is suitable for multiple uses within a single facility where hygiene and fighting bacteria is of the utmost importance.

Warehouse sanitising

The importance of warehouse cleaning & sanitising

In warehouses, there is often a broader assortment of surfaces to clean and considerations to remember as part of a cleaning schedule. They are generally much wider and more open spaces too, with regular goods in and goods out activity, as well as fetching and arranging stock on a regular basis. All of which means high employee and visitor use. Dirt and bacteria are likely to spread quicker and over larger areas in an environment such as a warehouse, which is especially susceptible.

Anything that is usually touched, especially if many people encounter it, will need more regular cleaning than normal. Arrow’s sanitising ranges come in a variety of pack sizes and in some cases easy to use spray bottles and wipes. Examples of frequently touched objects include, but are not limited to:

  • Forklift, equipment and vehicle handles, steering wheels, seat belts and controls
  • Machinery control panels, pads, and switches
  • Shared items including tools, machines, and delivery boxes
  • Items coming in or being delivered out
  • General surfaces such as shelving, flooring, walls, rails, and gates

Arrow’s new range combats the risk of infection and thoroughly cleans all the typical surfaces within a warehouse space.

Safety and standards

Another important point to consider is appearance. As a space of high activity and also used and seen on a daily basis by outside visitors, the cleanliness of your warehouse is vital, not just to make a good impression but to keep every visitor safe.

Arrow’s warehouse sanitising solutions can help you stay in control of your warehouse space and you can be safe in the knowledge that stringent cleanliness measures and standards are adhered to, with all solutions conforming to the following European standards:

  • EN1276 – the standard for the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants
  • EN14476 – the standard for the virucidal activity of chemical disinfectants
  • EN1500 – the standard that evaluates the effectiveness of a hygienic hand disinfectant
  • EN13704 – the standard for the evaluation of sporicidal activity of chemical disinfectants used in food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas

The video clearly indicates where the solutions available within the warehouse range cover a wide array of applications within a single environment.

From heavy duty hand cleaners and bactericidal cleansers that will also moisturise and prevent dryness, to surface solutions containing broad spectrum biocide that will effectively disinfect hard, sensitive and vertical surfaces; Arrow offer a range unrivalled in quality, safety and cleanliness.

Explore them all below or freely download the latest brochure.

Warehouse Sanitising Products

Biocidal Cleaner

Biocidal hard surface cleaner

Germfree FAB

Food area biocidal cleaner and terminal sanitiser

Liquid Handisan

70% alcohol based, liquid virucidal and bactericidal hand sanitiser