NEW: Drain Care Range Launched

Arrow Solutions’ rebranded Drain Care Range (DC) of cleaning and maintenance solutions is now available. Offering the same high-quality cleaning in a new, dedicated range.

The new products boast outstanding cost in use and adhere to the highest safety and environmental standards.

No maintenance needed

The new Drain Care Range reduces the need for expensive call outs or increased maintenance. Our products are specifically designed to break down fats and organic materials that cause odours and blockages. The new range includes:


DC1 Biozyme

Natural enzyme liquid treatment to maintain free flowing drains and reduce odour

DC2 Gladiator

A revolutionary, unique drain grease and odour control system. Softens and liquefies unwanted fatty greasy deposits, allowing them to be easily washed away without redepositing

DC3 Drain Clear

Concentrated liquid pipe and drain opener. Clears hair, soapscum, fats, paper, organic debris and slime in minutes


No matter how stubborn the drain, Arrow products will keep it free flowing and odour free. Cleaning first time, every time.

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